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Welcome to Tabibito's Eastern Europe Guide!

After introducing all (well, almost) the countries of the Balkans, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine within this website, it's about time to write about the 'rest' of Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, not many pictures are left from former visits to Poland, Slovakia, Russia etc. I do not want to write websites about countries or destinations without any photographs - sometimes, one picture can say much more than a whole essay (and vice versa, of course).
This means that the attentive reader and Eastern Europe fan will miss several 'must-see' destinations (eg Kraków, Narva, Kaunas etc). Some readers already complained about the Czech chapter, writing things like "Well done, but why is Plzen not mentioned? Or Marianske Lazne?" I'm sure that more visits and therefore pages will follow. And - what is a website about Eastern Europe worth when there's no chapter about Russia? It is planned, but only after I've been there again. As a matter of fact, Tabibito has been to Russia for a month or so, staying with a lovely host family and enjoying good machorka's (trad. Russian cigarettes) and samogon (home made brandy), but this was many years ago and I haven't taken any pictures, so it's not enough to write a reliable website. Therefore you will only find one 'genuine' travel report written shortly after a trip to the three Baltic States and the Belarus.
About these pages: Grey indicates a link within tabibito's website. Red words indicate titles of subchapters, yellow words are keywords and place names, which is supposed to make searching for specific information more convenient. The translation of this website is in progress - only destinations with a English version available behind it are available in English. The rest is in German and Japanese only.
About the map: Orange country names in the map mean, that you'll find extensive information on these countries within tabibito's Eastern Europe guide. Green country names indicate countries, on which other pages within tabibito's website exist. Blue country names mean that there's no information about those countries yet.
The map on this page and all other maps within tabibito's balkan guide are clickable. On the left, you will find links to the information on the countries itself and to various destinations in those countries. You may also use the scroll menu on the top to navigate. I've tried to design this website in a way, that various browsers can handle the pages correctly. There is still the chance, that some browsers do not interprete the CSS commands correctly. If you encounter problems with these pages, please let me know via e-mail (link is on the left) and I'll try to fix it. Recommended screen resolution is 1024x768, but 800x600 shall be alright as well.
Since some readers have asked for the software I use - I stick to Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, the Windows-integrated Notepad and tiny MapEdit.
Enjoy tabibito's travelogues! Do not hesitate to sign my →Guestbook - feedback is highly welcome! Please report dead links and help to keep these pages being up to date.
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